Rsync over SMB

This is a short one — I was using rsync to back up about a terabyte of data, which suffered a number of interruptions. Each time it restarted, I noticed it was copying over the same files over and over again. As it turns out, SMB rounds off the time stamps to the nearest two-second interval, so when rsync compares timestamps, it believes the file is different.

There’s a simple solution:

rsync -rlptDv –modify-window=1 [source] [destination]

The “–modify-window” switch tells rsync to relax its timestamp comparison just enough for it to behave.

The remaining switches are useful for backing up to a NAS box, it’s essentially -a (archive mode) expanded, but without preserving ownership or groups (which doesn’t work well on the NAS.)

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3 Responses to Rsync over SMB

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the help. This was causing me issues for an hour or so until I found this.

    FYI that is a double-hyphen — before modify-window, it appears based on the font to be a single hyphen.

  2. jbroome says:

    High-five! This is what i needed to go from my linux box to win2k3 server. Thanks a bunch.

  3. AdSR says:

    When uploading this way from Linux to Win7 I had to drop the -lpD switches. Otherwise it just creates empty directories while reporting success. Still, thanks!

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